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Introducing: Swap Society

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The Long Beach Free Store Swap Society

Swap Groups & FUN(d) Raising Events


*Targeted Swap Groups and Events arranged around theme /item type / style or size.

*People bring their BEST stuff that they no longer use – and swap with others.

*Party Atmosphere with drinks / snacks & music…

*KNOW you will be swapping with others for stuff that is thesame size or style or type of thing that you like – for quality items of value and of use to you.


Even for people who like to reuse, swap & share –sometimes you have things that you just don’t use –probably won’t use … but you don’t want to just “give” them away, because they are too valuable, expensive, nice or special.

So you hold on to them.

You would rather pass them on to someone who will really appreciate them, who will get good use of them and who understands the value.

You would like to have the opportunity to get something of similar quality and value in exchange for letting go of those special items.

We understand.

LBFS Swap Society Groups will set up on Face Book – anyone can join for free. Groups will be based on theme / style / size or type of item.

Possible groups can include: 

Handbags &Accessories (quality and designer bags, jewelry and other accessories)

Fashion & Designer Clothing (broken out by size)

Vintage / Retro Fashion & Accessories

Men’s Clothing (broken out into size groups and/or styles)

Teen & Jr Fashions and Accessories

Children’s Clothing ,Toys & Items

Alternative Fashions: including cosplay, steampunk , renaissance , club wear, rave wear, Goth & other…

Fitness & Exercise DVD’s , Equipment and Accessories

Music : CDs / Vinyl

Video Games

House Wear –Household Items / Decorations / Candles and more

House Party Rep’s– have you made the rounds through selling various products on the house party model. Been a vendor or seller at fairs and other events… and have the leftover products / overstock / product samples / past season samples and items to prove it? Why not swap your items for items with others in the same boat?

Hand Made / DIY –hand crafted items … crafters and people who make their own items can bring some of their stuff to swap with others who make their own hand-made items.  Non-Crafty fans of Hand Made goods can also participate if they have Hand-Made items they have purchased that they wish to swap.

ART – people who create art can bring in some of their work to swap with others who do the same.

Basically – any suggested group / type of item to swap which has enough interest can be created.


How the Groups work:

Anyone can join for free.

People post photo albums of items they wish to swap with brief descriptions.  Items posted must be your best quality items that you have to swap.

Items posted MUST be brought to the swap – don’t post items you will not bring.

People “Like” the items to vote for them & say that they would like to participate in a swap with those items.

Group members can connect over their shared interests / setup personal swaps or trades / share tips on where they got their best finds or tell others about special sales

No self-promoting posts allowed for commercial sales and promotion of a business or product *Except for Event Sponsors *


How the Swaps work:

When there are at least 5 people who have at least 5 items each to swap who agree on an event date - a swap will be scheduled at the Free Store.

Swappers can bring more items and we can have up to 15 participants at each event.

A Call will go out to those who have posted albums with items to swap – who have received “likes” on their items

Swappers will be required to bring the same items they posted – which will have accurate descriptions of the items and the condition.

*If an item has already been swapped before an event is scheduled or is no longer available the swapper must update their album with a note on the item that is not available –and add a new item they will bring to the swap ( or have a minimum of 5 posted items with descriptions they will bring to the swap).

All Swappers MUST be a member of the Free Store.

Membership is free – and a New Member Orientation will be given right before the swap for anyone who wants to participate who has not signed up yet.

Swappers will set out Swap Items and have a set amount of time to look at (but not take) the items at the swap.

When the swap starts – each swapper will get a turn to select an item – numbers will be drawn to determine the order the swappers will get to take.  The swap circle will continue – with each swapper getting a turn one item at a time… until all their items are selected.

Each swapper will be allowed to take the number of items they brought, less / minus 2  (those extra items will be donated to the Free Store).

The Swapping will go on until everyone has finished selecting their items – and the left over items go to the Free Store.

All swappers will also be able to shop the Free Store during the event.

DONATION – these are Fund Raiser events for the Free Store.–All donations go toward the Free Store and the Catalyst Network of Communities. While the Long Beach Free Store is here to help people share freely, it is not free for us to be here.  Donations go to help us pay the rent, run programming and pay other costs.

Supporting Members attend at half off the donation amount for events that have a suggested donation of $10 or more.  All members will be allowed to upgrade to Supporting Member Status at the time of the event.

With a donation of at least $20 you can receive Supporting Member Status for a full year. 

Volunteer Position: Swap Society Group Leads – we need people to help us run these Swap groups , help organize the events, help promote the groups and events and act as admin on the FB group page.  Group leads get to attend the events for free and they get to take 2 items from the Swap – even if they don’t bring anything to swap. 

( Or the number of items they bring + 2) We must have a Swap Group Lead in place before we add additional groups.

Sponsorship Opportunity : Businesses and Sales Rep’s can Sponsor these Swap Events by making a contribution to the Free Store and providing the drinks and refreshments for an event.  They get recognition on the Group Page, the LB Free Store Page and website and can promote or sell their products at the event.

* If you don’t have Internet access or need help posting photos you can participate by signing up at the Free Store in person. Bring your items to swap in – we can take the photos and post them for you.

Any suggestions or ideas about swap groups or events – giveus a shout.


The FIRST LBFS Swap Society Group launched is "Bags & Bling"

Handbags / Accessories & Jewelry

Start pulling out those items you DON'T use - but you keep holding on to .... because you Like them - but you know you are not going to use them.  Maybe you paid a lot for them. Maybe they were a gift. Maybe you know they are expensive items / of high value / designer... even if you didn't pay a lot for them yourself (got them at a great sale / at another swap - or as a gift). 

Here is a chance for you to HELP a great cause : The Long Beach Free Store

AND let go of those items - free up some space in your place...

while you have an opportunity to pick up something NEW to YOU - that is really nice.

Everyone is encouraged to Bring thier Best (that they don't use)

Vote for the posted items YOU want to swap for.

JOIN THE Long Beach Free Store Swap Society Bags & Bling Group on Facebook NOW!


Vote for Preloved Fashion

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Help forward eco-friendly fashion with a quick vote.

Preloved Apparel has been chosen as the finalist for yoxi's "Trim the Waste of Fashion Competition."

The concept is a community based organization with a website that includes:

1. Styling Guide and Editorials based on local thrift/vintage shops request

2. Thrift Shop Directory

3. Clothing exchange among users

4. Swap Meets hosted by local businesses

They are interested in promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

There are three more rounds and the teams with the most votes more forward in the competitionJ

oin, then become a fan of their team page

 Voting is only open this Monday and Tuesday.

July marks 1 yr for Seven-Ten Swap & Opening of LB Free Store!

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Help us Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of the Seven TenSwap in July 2011! 

This free swap & community exchange has run a full year– the 3rd Friday of each month at the Catalyst Community Space in Long Beach, CA.

All year – people have come with their once loved &gently used clothing, house hold items & décor, books and games, children’sitems and toys…. anything they had to share ( that is – give away, for free!)

We’ve also swapped Halloween Costumes and décor in Octoberand Holiday Items & decor in November andDecember… and passed any un-wanted gifts we got over the holidays and otheroccasions in January and all year long!


People who come to the swaps have been generous and broughtsome REALLY NICE stuff. Most have had at least one new treasure to claim fromthe swap! We always have left-over swap stuff – every single time!


The Seven-Ten Swap has been such a success - Catalyst isopening a community Free Store – right inside the Catalyst Space.  Now – we will have a home for the left-overswap items, and people can come at other times to drop-off items and getsomething for free.  (We will be lookingfor volunteers to help run the Free Store – email us at [email protected] if you would liketo get involved.)


The new Long Beach Free Store at Catalyst will open inAugust, 2011. ( Check back for details – don’t miss out on the Grand OpeningEvent!)  But you can get a taste of theFree Store at the special  “PreviewOpening” reception – on July 31, 2011; at the Catalyst Space.  Bring items to give to the Free Store and“shop” for your free item – as we celebrate One Year of the Seven-Ten Swap andthe opening of the Long Beach Free Store at Catalyst.


Don’t forget to join us at the July 15, 2011 Seven-Ten Swapto kick off another year of swapping, sharing and making new friends.  Bring something for the pot-luck, bring anyitems you no longer use (that are clean and in good condition)…and findsomething to take home – for free!  Asalways – you don’t have to bring something to the swap to take from it…but mostof us have some un-loved clutter laying around that we could pass on to someoneelse.


For Details on the Seven-Ten Swap and the Long Beach FreeStore at Catalsy  :

Vintage & Re-Styled Fashion Designer - Tatiana Andrade

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"I am a Fashion designer dedicated to transforming vintage clothing into new and unique fashion styles.  I also design completely new, one of a kind, dresses and gowns. I have designed clothing for celebrities and the regular gal craving that one of a kind dress. I have been on a long hiatus and am just coming back again, with fresh ideas."

– Fashion Designer, Tatiana Andrade.


Tati’s Back !

Tatiana Andrade was working with vintage clothing and textiles when she opened  her Hollywood Hills studio in 2002, where she designing hand-made one of a kind creations worn by movie-stars and featured on television & in fashion publications.  Her resume includes dressmaking for Bill Blass, working as a designer for Levi Strauss and as a stylist to legendary French fashion designer Thierry Mugler.

Tatiana (or Tati) is bringing back her fashion sensibility…now that the rest of us have finally caught up with her,and showcasing her passion for vintage fashion and re-worked style in a Fashion Blog and on Etsy.  Now that it’s fashionable to be “green” and up-cycle old styles ….her experience at the esthetic of re-worked fashion lends an extraordinary eye to the green re-styled fashion scene.

BOHO At It's Best!  Tatis Vintage Authentic 60's GUCCI Scarf Hippie TOP

“As a fashion designer who loves to make clothing from gorgeous, recycled, imported textiles I finally decided to jump on the blog-wagon. I also want to share my passion for transforming vintage frocks  from ordinary to extraordinary. I don’t follow trends but hopefully create unique clothing that one would want to keep forever."

In her new blog – Tati gives you a glimpse of the visions that inspire her. She lays out for consideration runway & designer trends and puts a spotlight on styles that drive her creativity, while she gives you a glimpse of her one of a kind  re-designed fashions.


Hi Pussy Cat! This Tunic Mini Dress is an example of beautiful

vintage textiles incorporated with new trims and fabrics.

Tati has also recently opened shop on etsy – with a handful of vintage and re-created styles showcasing her design aesthetic.  She hand picks the best pieces and either restores them, updates them or uses them to create a new fashion piece which recalls its vintage roots in a modern new design.  There are also a few pieces which she deems perfect “as-is” – her love of classic fashion has her hunting down the best vintage finds.


Tati is opening up her vintage fashion vault for a Vintage Fashion Swap on September 19th, 2010. See more about the swap at: VINTAGE FASHION SWAP




Follow her blog at:

TatiTatiStyle Blog

Shop for Tati Styles at:

TatiTati Etsy Shop

Take a look at her official website at:

Tati Andrade Official Website




Review of OC Divas Fondue Swap Party

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Review of Fondue Swap Party organized by OC Divas Women's Social Group

On Friday, September 3, 2010, I attended a Fondue Swap Party organized by OC Divas Women's Social Meetup Group There was cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. The fondues were made in crockpots. There were approximately 15 women who showed up. To determine the order for swapping, we each drew 5 playing cards. The best poker hand went first. I had two aces (which was the best hand in the group), so I got to go first. Then a list was made based on who had the best poker hands.

I enjoyed going in a particular order. The swapping went much slower, but we got to see what everyone was choosing and who was receiving the items that we brought. Many of us tried on the items of clothing that we were interested in and got feedback from the other women at the swap. The other women would suggest items of clothing that they thought might fit or might look good on someone else.

Here is the event description:


It's been a while since we've had a swap party and I've been wanting to have a fondue party so I thought it

would be fun to combine both.




I will be making two Fondues


(yummy, I just tried a new recipe and it came out DELICIOUS! ! )



Please bring something that goes well with one or the other and let me know in your rsvp

Suggestions for the Cheese fondue

(If you have suggestions to add to the list please let me know)


Cherry tomatoes


Sourdough bread

Roasted potatoes



Cold cuts

Turkey sausage





For the Chocolate Fondue


Gingerbread cookies



Angel food cake

Shortbread cookies

Sugar cookies



Graham crackers

We could also use

Plastic cups, plates, plastic forks, napkins, water, wine, and sodas

(I will bring the ICE)



* * * * * * * * S W A P * * * * * * * *


Bring a minimum of 5 items to swap.

You can bring anything that is in good condition; Housewares, clothing, accessories, home decor, candles, perfume, purses,

scarves, costume jewelry, wine glasses etc etc.

Bring clothes on hangers - I will have a couple hanging racks out Swapping will begin at 7:00 pm - In the meantime we will set up the swapping items, browse, have some fondue. food, drinks, mix & mingle. The selection order will be? Come and see, it will be fun!

Hope to see you there!

2010 Frugal Fe$tival & Summer Swap

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2010 Frugal Fest & Summer Swap


Swap, Los Angeles, Swap.

( If you want to skip my rambling complaint’s about the lack of big swap events in So Cal and cut to the meat of this post - look down to the part about the 2010 Frugal Fe$t & Swap)


Did you know that there is a busy and thriving swapping community in San Francisco? Northern California in general has a lot more swap activity than we do here in Southern California.

Another big place for swapping --- England.   Lots and lots of swaps, or "swish" events - as they call them. And Canada- lot’s of Canadian swapping going on.

You can also find swaps in Australia, Scotland and  Ireland.

And in the US there are on-going events popping up in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as areas in Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Washington and Oregon.  It’s happening all over the place.

Swapping has been around forever , since the beginning of time. Smaller private groups or community gatherings have brought people together to exchange clothes and cookies - and that’s great.

But I’m talking about big swaps, with a lot of people and a lot of stuff - big selection. Social events with swapping as a big part of the theme, but there may also be other activities. Or - specialized swaps, with on-going events catering to specific groups or styles or activities. Like Plus Sizes or Crafting or Sports Equipment or the Metro sexual Man.  There seems to be a bit more effort around Childrens Swaps - and that’s good. At least there is that. But what about the rest ofus?

There are a few businesses' that have popped up to promote regular on-going swaps , but the *regular* part of it hasn’t been so regular(in So Cal)  I think there is only ONE that’s based in Southern California - Pandora’s Closet Swap Shop, but I don’t know WHEN they last had an event. ( If I am wrong - if there are any other SoCal Based groups or organizations promoting regular swaps in the area PLEASE let me know).


So want happened to all the LA natives living Green? Why don’t they represent?  It seems there should be a much larger swapping community in Southern California, with large reoccurring swap events all over the place - from the Valley to the City to Orange County and beyond.


Enter : the 2010 Frugal Fest & Summer Swap.  This is exciting.

Brief background. Local blogger  gives tips and tricks relating to all things budget friendly in Southern California - and the world.   Bargain Babe hooks us up with the Frugal Fe$tival  last summer , agreat little event celebrating all things budget friendly - including a SWAP. 

The Frugal Fe$t is BACK , bigger and better , and the Bargain Babe has teamed up with the gal’s at The Swapaholics to make this the biggest , bestist swap we’ve seen in this area! This event is family friendly, budget friendly, eco-friendly -and - dare I say, I’ll bet its even hipster friendly! 

This is a low cost , well organized , well publicized , sponsored large swap event. There will be free prizes. There will be other stuff worthy of the spotlight of an event entitled Frugal Fe$tival; and     *hopefully* -- this will become a regular thing. An annual event - at the very least. How cool is that!


The Frugal Fe$tival and Summer Swap is Saturday, June 19th in North Hollywood.

For event details - look at our calendar listing HERE.


For more information about The Frugal Fe$tival - see the website at


For more great tips about squeezing the most out of your budget - visit the Bargain Babe at:


And to get your swap fix - you can try The Swapaholics and their Swap Sheet listings of swaps - everywhere ! at


Peace * Love * Swap

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Swapping is really gaining in popularity – and new fun ways to swap are popping up every day!  A great new option for families with children is Peace Love Swap.

This swap was founded by Meg Franz in Grass Valley, Ca.  The mother of 3 noticed the same thing a lot of mothers do – she had a lot of items her children had grown out of that were in perfectly good condition. Kids grow out of their clothing and toys at a fast rate –and you are left with items you don’t need any more. A lot of these things are in great shape and really shouldn’t be thrown away just because your kids no longer have a use for them.

 – You also have to keep up with the demands of growing children by getting them clothing for their new size and toys or activities to stimulate their growing minds… this can be costly.

A lot of families hand down items from older siblings to younger … that can help stretch the budget and help get full use out of things you spend your hard-earned money on. The only problem with this – is that you may not have children in the right age range to hand down to --- or your older girl’s clothes can’t be used for her younger brother. 

Another problem is that children might complain about getting their older brother or sister’s hand-me-downs… even if they are in perfectly good condition. Having seen the older sibling use the items, or even just knowing the item was originally purchased for someone else (even if it was never used!) may make the younger child feel they have nothing of their own –all their “stuff” is from someone else.

Herein lays the genius of swapping! Especially when it comes to families with children. With swapping – you take those items that are in good shape and have a lot of life left in them , and pass them on to others who can use them. At the same time – you are able to get new (to you) items for your children without busting your budget. 

It’s like taking the concept of hand-me-down, and extending it to the greater community – you are now tapping into the resources of multiple families, and it benefits everyone!  With a greater pool of people to swap with – you have access to a greater variety of items, which means you can now account for different likes and styles for your children rather than having to rely on the hope that what works for your older child will equally work for your younger child. 

If your children are spaced out in age enough to make it difficult for the younger child to use the older kids cast offs, or if you have a girl who has no need for items passed on from older boys…or if you have one child – this solves all those dilemmas and allows you to swap for many of the things you need for your children, instead of having to shop for them all.

Swapping will also benefit the children. These items are coming into your home for the first time for that child you got them for – so they will really feel like these things are their own. You will also be able to help your child develop their own sense of style and tailor your choices to their likes – rather than obliging them to use or wear things that they would never select for themselves – simply because they are still in good condition. 

Peace Love Swap has taken this truly useful strategy and turned it into a fun family event where the children can be included --- or they can play with other kids while you search through the swap stuff.

Oh – and, did you get that swapping is about recycling? It’s good for the planet. You keep items out of landfills and extend their use… thus potentially reducing the need to manufacture as many new items (and eliminating the taking of natural resources and pollution caused in said manufacturing of new items)!

So – pass on your gently used items to others who need them….extend their life and help the environment…. save some money and get something new (to you) for free ….. and pass on a cleaner world to your children in the process.  How’s that for a bargain!

Meg and Elle Beyer - her swap organizer / partner, are on a mission to keep gently used baby, kid and maternity items out of our landfills, and to donate to local charities by producing fun, affordable, family  friendly swaps on a regular basis.

Check their website for more information and event listings:


Join us at the PeaceLoveSwap event on June 11th in Arcadia CA

See the calendar listing or event page for more details!



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Helping Neighbors Swap on May 1, 2010

- In Westminister, CA

Event Starts 12:00 noon

Since This Swap is at a Private Home - You Need to RSVP To Get The Address

You Can RSVP With a YES or a MAYBE and you will be emailed the address.

Just Reply to this Blog Post ( comment) 

with a [YES]  or  [MAYBE] and your Name

You Must Be A Member - So Sign Up if you are Not (It's Free) and RSVP.

You are welcome to bring people with you - they do not need to RSVP

BUT - HELP US GROW THIS SITE - Have your friends Sign Up / Become a Member - and RSVP

- While You Are Here... add a comment about this swap / event - any suggestions? Any requests? Any ideas about how to make this more fun or sucessfull? Let Us Know!

Give+Take Swap Boutique

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Give+Take Swap Boutique in Playa Del Rey, CA (that’s only few minutes out of LA) is a Permanent Clothes Swap Party with a large selection anda host with a discerning eye for the best fashion trades.

PLEASE NOTE – This Swap Boutique Accepts only High-End / Pricey/ Designer Items to Swap… Bring only your Best items --- and have access to the Best Items Available to Swap! 


Dora ( the friendly, fashionable and fabulous proprietor)has taken the concept of the clothes swap to the Next Level, with an actualbricks and mortar - permanent location for an on-going fashion swap.  It’s like a Swapping Store - but you don’thave to buy anything. 

You bring in your nicest unused fashion items to swap - and you are awarded points /or credit - based on the value of what you bring in. You then get to spend your credits on anything in the store.

There is a main room with most of the swap fashions, including the high end and designer stuff. A one-for-one trade room which is more like an equal exchange  [item for item] for things that are nice but not so high end.

There is even a FREE swap area with stuff that you can just take.

( And I saw some nice things in the Free Swap area - it’s not junk.)

There is a monthly membership fee to swap which is $20.00--- but that is MORE THAN FAIR - Because she’s got to pay the Rent!  In exchange, you get to be part of a great club which lets you step into the closet’s of all your new girlfriends ( the other members) ---and you get a great place to swap in with dressing rooms and a wonderful host to keep it all organized and fair.

I think this boutique is the FIRST of its kind. It’s not like a consignment store where you get only a (relatively small) portion of thevalue of things you bring in - and the store gets the rest.

This Fashion Boutique doesn’t take a commission from theswaps - so it really is more of an equal trade. And you can swap as much as you want.  You can choose to swap one month andthen come again a few months later, or do it every month.  If you don’t find something you like  you keep your points and come back. You can bring in a number of lower credit items and trade up to one special designer piece --- or you can trade in that designer gown you wore once (and will not wear again) , and get a few new great outfits for it!

A lot of items still have the tags on them , and you can tell they have not been worn. Others look new and unworn even without the tags.  There are also items that havebeen worn - but they are in great shape and not like used items at all.

It’s not like a thrift store ( which I’m not knocking) ,it’s more like a good friend’s closet out on loan to you - a friend with great taste, designer and hardly worn stuff you get to tap into!



This Boutique is still new - so there is a limited selection of sizes right now. There aren’t many larger sizes or plus size items. ( Well- there are a few now - I took some in!) But as it grows and increases in membership, the potential is awesome. 

If you love to shop- or to switch up your look and change your wardrobe...if you get bored of wearing the same ‘ole thing- this boutique will be your new best friend.

Think of it - you can constantly swap your wardrobe and refresh it. You can swoop in and score a beautiful gown for a special event - and then swap it back after the event for more fabulous fashions!

And  if the shopping bug still bites you , you now have a wonderful solution to those lapses in judgment you can not return. You can swap them.

Everyone has things they are holding on to because they are Valuable - but you don’t wear them --- you might not even LIKE them. They may look TERRIBLE on you or just not be your style or size.

You might have some high end items that you Just HAD To Get because they were a STEAL! (Like that new little Coach bag I found on super double discount clearance after the holidays for $25.00! The original price was $160.00. I couldn’t pass that up! --- But I never used it. I have my favorites, and it’s never made it into the rotation - so it’s just sitting there. Unused.) 

NOW you can get credit for the full retail value of those unused  lonely items - and trade them for something you WILL use! (And if you don’t , you can trade THAT again!).

This is also a great way to get a bit more adventurous with your style and try on some new things you might not be willing to pay cash for because it’s a little out of your comfort zone. It’s a RISK FREE way to try out new styles!


This place is SO COOL! But it’s only going to work if WE ALL work together to keep it going and give it our support. 

So here is what you need to do:


1)      Get together your BEST fashion items - make sure they are all clean and in great condition. Bring them in and become a Member.

* Bring Clothes, Shoes, Bags,Belts, Jewelry - any fashion accessories. Bring it ALL.

2)      Tell all your friends about it and tell them to do the same. Tell your family - tell strangers. Put together your own little list of swappers who share your size or style and encourage the WHOLE GROUP to join.

3)      Keep going back, and keep up on your membership. If you have to skip a month or more - go back when you can. If you can stay a constant member and swap every month - do that.

4)      Help get the word out in any way you can - promote the place. Tell people about it. Put up flyers on public billboards. Talk about it on line. Ask Dora for some cards or promo materials to hand out or to leave out at places that let you.  Advertise it for us all so that it stays open and grows.  As it gets bigger - it will only get better - and it’s already pretty damn good!

5)      If you run out of things to swap , or if you don’t have many to start with ---raid the closet of your aunt / grandmother / friend... Offer to help people organize their closets or homes in exchange for some item’s you can take to swap.  Help people with garage sales or moving in exchange for getting some items to swap!  You don’t need to swap your own stuff - if you get your hot little hands on anything that is a great fashion find but it doesn’t fit you or it’s not your style ---- even if you get a designer item that you think is UGLY but it IS a high end can bringit in to SWAP IT! SO - be on the hunt for new swap stuff to keep it going... Swap your Skills for Fashions to Swap!

>Oh - and while you are at it - put aside everything else you have to swap that is not appropriate for the Fashion Swap Boutique and bring it to an HP Swap Party ( Or Host an HP Swap Party !) --- And you might as well let people know about US TOO - while you are telling them about The Boutique. Life can not be lived on designer clothing alone - so help us swap our target duds ( lot’s of those are pretty cool) or books, games, household items, kids clothes , sports equipment.... With HP Swap. Ask for some of our Postcards or Cards to hand out too. Help us grow.

SPECIAL  SWAP DEAL ! Right Now - you can join and swap in February at the Give+Take Fashion Swap Boutique for FREE!

The membership fee is waived. So now is a great time to check it out and get started.  Bring 5 to 10 of your Best swap fashions and give it a try. Bring some friend’s with you and have them do the same.


200 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey CA 90293

Upstairs, above Tanner’s Coffee 

- There is a parking lot on Culver - go up the stairs at the back of the building to the top floor from the parking lot to get to the boutique.

Phone: 310-482-3398

Email: [email protected]


Swap Hours:

Saturday: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Sunday: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Monday through Friday:

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Plus Size Swap

Posted by housepartyswapnshop on February 2, 2010 at 9:52 PM Comments comments (1)

This is not an event hosted by HPSwap - so it doesn't have its own page....but we wanted you to know about it.

ClothesSwap Details!

Here are the details for theupcoming clothes swap for Los Angeles:

Public Transportation: Either take the Yellow/Gold Line tothe Pico Aliso station or the Metro Bus Local Line 31 to Mission/1st Street.


$10 donation for food catering. Catering service TBD (please give suggestionsby all means).


Clothing racks and hangers are available on a first come, first serve basis.Tables and clothing racks are provided.


Items chosen must be tried on to be seen as acceptable unless the donor deemsit unnecessary. If it doesn't fit, it can go to the next person. Choices are ona first come first serve basis unless the item doesn't fit or the first personto choose it decides they don't like it.


Please keep "like new or just bought" items separate from"gently worn" items. If you want something to be donated, please putit in the donation boxes before the swap begins. You have the ability to donateonce more after the swap.


"Gently worn" items can be freely swapped. "Like new or justbought" items are one for one unless the donor deems it unnecessary.

See the Website for All Details : CLICK HERE