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thredUp Swap

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On Line Clothes Swap Service – thredUp is launching thredUp Kids, and they are extending an invitation to HPSwap Members to become Founding Members of the new site and get the first swap for FREE!


Here is the invitation:

thredUp is an online kids clothing exchange community for parents.  They are offering HPSwap members an exclusive invite to become founding members of  thredUP kids.

With thredUP moms can easily exchange clothes that no longer fit their children for items that will.  List gently used clothes online, tell us what youare looking for (brands,sizes, gender etc), and we'll make the match. It's all done through pre-paid mail and home delivery.  Think Netflix meets kids consignment.  Affordable,fast, easy and fun!

We are launching the service in February.  The 1st 1,000 thredUP Kids members get the first swap for free!  (a $20 value).


To get in on this – you need to use this link to signup:  (CLICK HERE),

HPSwap members will have a chance to swap their first boxf or free.  First 1,000 founding members get their first swap for free.  If you’re getting to this late and  you don't make the 1,000 founding member cut –they will offer a 50% discount and allow you to swap their first box for only $10.  But this offer won’t last – once the service is up and running … this offer is over – so JUMP on this NOW.

Oh – and the original thredUp site is worth a mention  as well ---

thredUp is an on-line Clothing Swap Community and Service –where members take their quality swap items and exchange them with others by mail.  Here is how it works:

1)      Members give thredUp information about their size / style / brands / and fashion preferences… they also give descriptions of the items they have to swap ( photo’s are not necessary.)

2)      thredUp takes the member information and swap item information and uses it to set up matches of Members to particular swaps.

3)      Members are instructed where to send their swap items (via the pre-paid envelope they purchase from thredUp)--- and they will receive an item by mail from a thredUpmember in return.

If you love getting a surprise in the mail – and you love to swap – and you love to recycle…this service sounds like a lot of fun.  It’s like having your own personal stylist pick out items for you to replace those things you have that are great items –but just not for you.  This service is only for your best swap items – what HPSwap calls “top swap” stuff.  To find out more about thredUp go straight to the source at :


HPSwap members that sign up and try it out – give us a shout and let us know how it goes…. Add a comment to this post or write a review and post it yourself.  If you do – we will add your name to the drawing for a TOP SWAP ticket at the next HPSwap event!


P.S…. if you aren’t an HPSwap member you can still use the link to try and get in on the deal – but RIGHT AFTER you do that you should go to and sign up (register)right away….. You Really Should.  You canuse this link to go straight to the sign up page:   SIGN UP HERE


Mawed's Recycled Fashions ~ Alternative Fashion & Swap

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Alternative  Fashion &  Swap   --- SHOP and SWAP HOUSE PARTY!

Clothing Exchange / Art Showing / House Party 


  -i recycle clothes-- cut up old things and make dresses,aprons, bandanas, purses, backpacks, skirts, tote bags, etc.  Mawed says: Re-Use! Re-Cycle! You design your world. Makethe choice.

Reconstructed clothing is used or vintage clothing that has been redesigned and resewn  into a new garment  -  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Call it Recycled or Restyled Fashion, Altered Fashion…Dismantled, Deconstructed or Reconstructed Fashion. Other names include Reused, Refashioned, Worn Again, Reworn, Reworked, Remade, Restyled or Reclaimed.

It’s a fashion trend that has been labled Eco Couture / Cast-Off Couture or Trashion.  It’s SUSTAINABLE STYLE – and it makes a statement.

The general idea is taking something previously used or worn– including something that might be thrown away … and creating something new and fabulous.  It’s not just about recycling  - it’s also about style.  It’s been described as Upcycling – as in “ plain old sweater ‘upcycled’ to a covet worthy new scarf or bag.”    There is even a Reconstructing Clothes for Dummies book!

So – while Swapping is a great way to recycle clothes and fashion (re-using items, extending their life and keeping them from a landfill.)  Another great way to recycle clothes and fashion is to reuse them or their parts and materials to make NEW fashion. 

It’s a great way to reclaim vintage fabrics and findings, buttons and trim.   A used formal dress can be transformed into a new one of a kind accent pillow. An old pair of jeans turned into a skirt or bag. Fabric scraps can be combined and used to make a new quilt.  Even worn or damaged clothing or fashion items can be taken apart and reused.   It helps to avoid the use  of  raw materials and energy needed to produce a new item or it’s components, and helps prevent waste or negative by-products that go along with that production.

This is exactly what Los Angeles Based Designer Mawed does to produce her one of a kind versatile fashions.  Her line includes adorable adjustable fit wrap skirts, purses and backpacks , hankerchiefs – all made from recycled fashions.  --And the designs are not ho-hum…each piece is a little work of art, like a collage of memories put together into a new idea.  Some of the pieces are themed or have quirky and cute names – like Practical Rooster PatchSkirt or Dark Love Bandana.

Mawed’s “Ol’ Lady Purse” has the feel of a classic tapestry fabric bag, but it’s put together in a modern casual way.

Description: this purse is made from recycled fabrics,  it has two internal pockets and a flapclosure which can be left out or tucked in.  Decorative light pink stitching detail with raw edges.   The interior is made from soft tee shirt cotton.   Measurements are roughly 12" x 9"

Some of the pieces literally make a statement, like theApathy is the Enemy Wrap Skirt or the Recycled Skirt.


Her Wine Jungle Wrap Skirt is fun with it’s frayed edge waistband, contrast stitching and jungle scene patch.


The Pink People Wrap Skirt is a soft and girly collage of pastel fabric paterns and shapes – young and cute.


Want to claim one for yourself?   Mawed host’s Open House Parties where you can pick up one of these treasures.  She also includes a “swap” aspect to these gaterings – where guests bring items to swap for free …. And something that’s left in the swap bin may find it’s way into Mawed’s work and be reincarnated into a future fashion-art find!

If you can’t make it to a party  - or you can’t wait to get your hands on this stuff – you can do it now at her etsy shop : 


But you should really try to come  and see what it’s all about for yourself – in person. Meet the artist. Mingle with others. Participate in the recycling fashion world ( even if all you can do ist ake a *new piece of Mawed’s work – and leave some clothes for the swap or for future creations.)


Here’s the Low Down:

Home Made ReCycled Clothes for bargain prices! 

Everything is for sale, and at LOW prices. Most things are adjustable and made to fit any size. 

The holidays are coming up and there a lot of good little things for gift giving.

Available- homemade aprons, skirts, dresses, purses,backpacks, dishtowels,

tote bags, belts, bandannas, scarves, hot pads, wine bags, wood and yarn jewelry.

Also- please bring any clothes, purses, fabrics, threads that you are disposing of and throw them in the FREE bin.  The bin is already overflowing because some of my girlfriends have dropped off full bags of really cute stuff.  This way anyone who attends might be able to pick something up without spending any money.

It's like a Clothing Exchange / Art Showing / House Party  - and its a lot of fun.

I will also have food and drinks available, and we are often playing cards or other games too. 

Doors open at 12 o' clock noon and the event goes through about sundown. Anyone and everyone are welcome, bring your children or your parents, your co-workers,neighbors, strangers…

I have these parties about once a month.

The next event will be on Sunday, December 13thfrom 12 noon through 8 pm.

Location: 11452 Killion Street, North Hollywood, CA 91601 


If you have any questions for Mawed – she’s a member at the House Party Swap n Shop Website– you can send her a message there.

Here is a link to her profile:





Facebook group Los Angeles Women Clothing Swap - Swap 'n' Style Party

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Facebook group Los Angeles Women Clothing Swap - Swap 'n' Style Party holds regular on-going swap events in the Los Angeles area.


Check out the group page for more information and to see photos from past events:



The group is organized by Photographer/ Entrepreneur and Social Networker Extraordinaire and Renaissance Woman / Facebook Member Moriah Diamond.


Moriah hosts the events in her own space  and the events can last days. She encourages drop off of items ahead of time to allow for set up of the swap items. She sets a date (sometimes two days) and time slot for the event  but allows people to drop in the following days to replenish the swap and go through items they may have missed their first time around.


The swapping is not limited to clothing and wearables  but includes household items and decor and other items.

This months event is set for Wednesday, September 9th from 6pm to 9pm. Moriah is hosting this event at her photo studio Om Photography in Los Angeles. Check Out the Event Page for all the details at:



OH  and while you are there on Facebook Become of the House Party Swap n Shop page at :






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Swap O Rama Rama founder Wendy Tremayne with sent out a call for Help to Vote for Swap O Rama to win a Grant to Keep On Swapping.

Here it is:


 Wendy Tremayne, the founder of SWAP-O-RAMA-RAMA is up for a $10,000 grant that will be used to provide events like ours with advertising, supplies and personalized sewing labels. Please read her message, below and VOTE!


Swap O Rama Rama

Founder Wendy Tremayne

Grant for Change Nominee

In the 5 years since Swap-O-Rama-Rama began we've produced 100 events and they now take place on most continents in the world including Istanbul, Jerusalem, Perth Australia, Argentina, Panama and all over Europe.

Who could have anticipated this!?

As many of you probably know Swap operates as a non-profit creative commons so that it can be kept free to all and also protected from corporate greenwashing. We've gone to battle with Toyota (they tried to green wash with it) and turned down $100,000.00 from companies wishing to do the same. As such Swap-O-Rama-Rama has been my "hobby" never providing any income or funds to pay for itself.

Today Swap-O-Rama-Rama is a nominee for a Grant For Change in the amount of $10,000.00. This grant would be life changing should Swap-O-Rama-Rama win it. The process is largely vote based and I'm currently in 3rd place with 29 days to catch up and take the lead. For this I NEED YOUR HELP.

Please take a minute to vote at: At the top of the page click register (you wont be put on a list, this is only to prevent double voting). Under nominations click view all and you must page through until you find Wendy Tremayne. Click rate/share and Rate Swap 5 stars.

Much Love to Ya'll and Thanks, Wendy Tremayne




Who wants to Swap O Rama? You do!

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Swap O Rama is the lovechild of the classic clothing swap event combined with the hip modern craft circleintroducing age old practical arts from your grandparents’ day as the chic, radical trend for today. 

Bring all your underused and underappreciated clothes and accessories and let them mingle with others of their kind.  Come combine, rework, or recycle them intosomething totally new, surprising, and fun. …and LOOK MA, I did it myself!  

Well …with the help of the gracious knowledge and assistance of Swap O Rama volunteers whose master craft skills will help you put your creations together.

I took an oldT-shirt and skirt and - earnestly trying to act like I understood the instructions from the nice girl behind the sewing  …. I waited appreciatively as she transformed that old T & skirt into a new cute peasant top!  ….But, hey, I helped too! I took it to the screen printing station and picked out a cute design to put on the front of the top. I love that top!

This event was held last year at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, the FELT CLUB Craft Faire and SWAP-O-RAMA together under one roof. I went with my sister and a friend.

My friend grabbed an old, gaudy gold lame top and turned it into an adorable littlepurse, adding a green velvet ribbon and leather belt!  My sister had brought that gaudy, gold top(what was she thinking?), and was astonished to see it reborn and as an eye-catching evening bag!  Inspired, she grabbed an old velvet skirt and turned it into a Christmas stocking.

We had so much fun. Everyone around us had so much fun. It was contagious. You might come with a skeptical scowl but  you won’t leave with one. Swap-O-Rama draws you into the thrill of making something with your own two hands. It unleashes your creativity.

Women,children, even men…everyone was totally into it.

After we were finished with the swap we went down to the Felt Club Craft Faire to peruse the creations of our fellow crafters and artists. (Yah – I’m an artist. Did you see that top?)

This weekend the Swap O Rama on July 11, 2009 is happening in conjunction with the RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR at the California Market Center in Los Angeles. 

If you can make it – you HAVE to go.  There will be silk screen stations,a tote making station, and tons of wonderfully helpful and patient master crafters to help you.

Now, for my inside tips on how to navigate the Swap O Rama to get the most out of your experience:

Get there early. Wait in line if you must – the best time to be there is when it starts. 

There will not be a lot of clothes to look through at first – but that’s ok. What YOU need to do is go check out the crafting stations – see what is there and what appeals to you.Then decide on a few things you’d like to try. This swap is really more about re-crafting or recycling old clothes into something new and exciting, more than it is about exchanging clothes with others (of course, there is plenty of room for that too!).

If you want to make sure to get something in your size, or if you’d like to be really well prepared and make the MOST of your time, bring some items you’d like to restyle for yourself rather than just hoping to find items from the swap to use. This will not only ensure that you will have items with the right fit, but you can add to, embellish, or restyle them — transform them into that new one-of-a-kind masterpiece!  Bring a few T-shirts, some old faded jeans…whatever will work as your own personal blank canvas.

Another great way to prepare is to take a look at the designers who will be there and look at their web sites, reviews of past Swap O Ramas, or any info to see what kind of craft stations have been there before.  Look online for inspirations, and have a few ideas in mind for what you might want to craft there.  So, if you know there may be a tote making station, brainstorm some ideas on how to make a great tote! 

Get creative with your materials.  If you don’t like the style, or it’s the wrong size, but you LOVE the fabric, print or color --- see what you can restyle it into! Buttons, lace, and trim – even accessories can be used to make an amazing new item.

Make sure to also bring a bag of good stuff for others to go through. If you’re not getting some use out of it, I guarantee someone else will. Contribute whole items, or look at them as pieces that can be re-used in different ways. Don’t let anything go to waste.

So – show up with your ideas, have some items you can work with right away, and then scan the room to map out the craft stations to see what you want to do. Then --- jump right in!  Start making, crafting, reworking,and restyling stuff as soon as you can. That way you can get a lot done before the crowds come in.  Once the crowds arrive, you can take a break and go look through all of the clothes and items that have come in with them. You might be able to pick out some additional things to re-style. Then hit the craft stations again. Or maybe you can just treasure hunt through the stuff coming in and pick through the best of it. 

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to easily to try on things over or under them. Unfortunately, there will be no dressing rooms or change areas. Dress coolly – it will probably get hot. Bring water and wear comfortable shoes. And bring a big bag that is easy to carry and can hold a lot.  You will need a bag to hold your items (the raw materials you will use to re-style with) while you’re crafting. You will need to hold the things you have created.  And you will need room to grab up that great new coat, pair of jeans, and funky t-shirt that you just might find and want to wear “as-is”.

THEN… go shop the Renegade Craft Fair and see how the pros do it. Support your fellow artists &crafters. Or just spy on the designs for inspiration and see YOU would like to do next…at the next Swap O Rama!


Go straight to the sourcefor the details. See the official website at :