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Posted by housepartyswapnshop on February 17, 2010 at 9:21 PM

Give+Take Swap Boutique in Playa Del Rey, CA (that’s only few minutes out of LA) is a Permanent Clothes Swap Party with a large selection anda host with a discerning eye for the best fashion trades.

PLEASE NOTE – This Swap Boutique Accepts only High-End / Pricey/ Designer Items to Swap… Bring only your Best items --- and have access to the Best Items Available to Swap! 


Dora ( the friendly, fashionable and fabulous proprietor)has taken the concept of the clothes swap to the Next Level, with an actualbricks and mortar - permanent location for an on-going fashion swap.  It’s like a Swapping Store - but you don’thave to buy anything. 

You bring in your nicest unused fashion items to swap - and you are awarded points /or credit - based on the value of what you bring in. You then get to spend your credits on anything in the store.

There is a main room with most of the swap fashions, including the high end and designer stuff. A one-for-one trade room which is more like an equal exchange  [item for item] for things that are nice but not so high end.

There is even a FREE swap area with stuff that you can just take.

( And I saw some nice things in the Free Swap area - it’s not junk.)

There is a monthly membership fee to swap which is $20.00--- but that is MORE THAN FAIR - Because she’s got to pay the Rent!  In exchange, you get to be part of a great club which lets you step into the closet’s of all your new girlfriends ( the other members) ---and you get a great place to swap in with dressing rooms and a wonderful host to keep it all organized and fair.

I think this boutique is the FIRST of its kind. It’s not like a consignment store where you get only a (relatively small) portion of thevalue of things you bring in - and the store gets the rest.

This Fashion Boutique doesn’t take a commission from theswaps - so it really is more of an equal trade. And you can swap as much as you want.  You can choose to swap one month andthen come again a few months later, or do it every month.  If you don’t find something you like  you keep your points and come back. You can bring in a number of lower credit items and trade up to one special designer piece --- or you can trade in that designer gown you wore once (and will not wear again) , and get a few new great outfits for it!

A lot of items still have the tags on them , and you can tell they have not been worn. Others look new and unworn even without the tags.  There are also items that havebeen worn - but they are in great shape and not like used items at all.

It’s not like a thrift store ( which I’m not knocking) ,it’s more like a good friend’s closet out on loan to you - a friend with great taste, designer and hardly worn stuff you get to tap into!



This Boutique is still new - so there is a limited selection of sizes right now. There aren’t many larger sizes or plus size items. ( Well- there are a few now - I took some in!) But as it grows and increases in membership, the potential is awesome. 

If you love to shop- or to switch up your look and change your wardrobe...if you get bored of wearing the same ‘ole thing- this boutique will be your new best friend.

Think of it - you can constantly swap your wardrobe and refresh it. You can swoop in and score a beautiful gown for a special event - and then swap it back after the event for more fabulous fashions!

And  if the shopping bug still bites you , you now have a wonderful solution to those lapses in judgment you can not return. You can swap them.

Everyone has things they are holding on to because they are Valuable - but you don’t wear them --- you might not even LIKE them. They may look TERRIBLE on you or just not be your style or size.

You might have some high end items that you Just HAD To Get because they were a STEAL! (Like that new little Coach bag I found on super double discount clearance after the holidays for $25.00! The original price was $160.00. I couldn’t pass that up! --- But I never used it. I have my favorites, and it’s never made it into the rotation - so it’s just sitting there. Unused.) 

NOW you can get credit for the full retail value of those unused  lonely items - and trade them for something you WILL use! (And if you don’t , you can trade THAT again!).

This is also a great way to get a bit more adventurous with your style and try on some new things you might not be willing to pay cash for because it’s a little out of your comfort zone. It’s a RISK FREE way to try out new styles!


This place is SO COOL! But it’s only going to work if WE ALL work together to keep it going and give it our support. 

So here is what you need to do:


1)      Get together your BEST fashion items - make sure they are all clean and in great condition. Bring them in and become a Member.

* Bring Clothes, Shoes, Bags,Belts, Jewelry - any fashion accessories. Bring it ALL.

2)      Tell all your friends about it and tell them to do the same. Tell your family - tell strangers. Put together your own little list of swappers who share your size or style and encourage the WHOLE GROUP to join.

3)      Keep going back, and keep up on your membership. If you have to skip a month or more - go back when you can. If you can stay a constant member and swap every month - do that.

4)      Help get the word out in any way you can - promote the place. Tell people about it. Put up flyers on public billboards. Talk about it on line. Ask Dora for some cards or promo materials to hand out or to leave out at places that let you.  Advertise it for us all so that it stays open and grows.  As it gets bigger - it will only get better - and it’s already pretty damn good!

5)      If you run out of things to swap , or if you don’t have many to start with ---raid the closet of your aunt / grandmother / friend... Offer to help people organize their closets or homes in exchange for some item’s you can take to swap.  Help people with garage sales or moving in exchange for getting some items to swap!  You don’t need to swap your own stuff - if you get your hot little hands on anything that is a great fashion find but it doesn’t fit you or it’s not your style ---- even if you get a designer item that you think is UGLY but it IS a high end can bringit in to SWAP IT! SO - be on the hunt for new swap stuff to keep it going... Swap your Skills for Fashions to Swap!

>Oh - and while you are at it - put aside everything else you have to swap that is not appropriate for the Fashion Swap Boutique and bring it to an HP Swap Party ( Or Host an HP Swap Party !) --- And you might as well let people know about US TOO - while you are telling them about The Boutique. Life can not be lived on designer clothing alone - so help us swap our target duds ( lot’s of those are pretty cool) or books, games, household items, kids clothes , sports equipment.... With HP Swap. Ask for some of our Postcards or Cards to hand out too. Help us grow.

SPECIAL  SWAP DEAL ! Right Now - you can join and swap in February at the Give+Take Fashion Swap Boutique for FREE!

The membership fee is waived. So now is a great time to check it out and get started.  Bring 5 to 10 of your Best swap fashions and give it a try. Bring some friend’s with you and have them do the same.


200 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey CA 90293

Upstairs, above Tanner’s Coffee 

- There is a parking lot on Culver - go up the stairs at the back of the building to the top floor from the parking lot to get to the boutique.

Phone: 310-482-3398

Email: [email protected]


Swap Hours:

Saturday: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Sunday: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Monday through Friday:

Wardrobe Consultations and Swap Parties byAppointment Only.

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Reply Christina
11:55 AM on July 18, 2010 
I visited this boutique several months ago. Depending on the quantity of the quality designer items and the value of items you bring in and they accept, you may get their permission to shop in their FREE section. Be prepared that they also may limit you to a certain # of items or just one item that you can take from their FREE section (so you should ask before you start shopping their FREE section). This Swap Boutique seriously only accepts really, really nice and expensive designer items. If that is what you have and want to Swap, this boutique is for you. Most of their items are size 8 or smaller. The items in their "store" are not for sale, only for swap. So, if you don't bring in items nice enough to swap, you won't be able to shop. Or if the items you bring in