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Posted by housepartyswapnshop on May 26, 2010 at 3:17 PM


Swapping is really gaining in popularity – and new fun ways to swap are popping up every day!  A great new option for families with children is Peace Love Swap.

This swap was founded by Meg Franz in Grass Valley, Ca.  The mother of 3 noticed the same thing a lot of mothers do – she had a lot of items her children had grown out of that were in perfectly good condition. Kids grow out of their clothing and toys at a fast rate –and you are left with items you don’t need any more. A lot of these things are in great shape and really shouldn’t be thrown away just because your kids no longer have a use for them.

 – You also have to keep up with the demands of growing children by getting them clothing for their new size and toys or activities to stimulate their growing minds… this can be costly.

A lot of families hand down items from older siblings to younger … that can help stretch the budget and help get full use out of things you spend your hard-earned money on. The only problem with this – is that you may not have children in the right age range to hand down to --- or your older girl’s clothes can’t be used for her younger brother. 

Another problem is that children might complain about getting their older brother or sister’s hand-me-downs… even if they are in perfectly good condition. Having seen the older sibling use the items, or even just knowing the item was originally purchased for someone else (even if it was never used!) may make the younger child feel they have nothing of their own –all their “stuff” is from someone else.

Herein lays the genius of swapping! Especially when it comes to families with children. With swapping – you take those items that are in good shape and have a lot of life left in them , and pass them on to others who can use them. At the same time – you are able to get new (to you) items for your children without busting your budget. 

It’s like taking the concept of hand-me-down, and extending it to the greater community – you are now tapping into the resources of multiple families, and it benefits everyone!  With a greater pool of people to swap with – you have access to a greater variety of items, which means you can now account for different likes and styles for your children rather than having to rely on the hope that what works for your older child will equally work for your younger child. 

If your children are spaced out in age enough to make it difficult for the younger child to use the older kids cast offs, or if you have a girl who has no need for items passed on from older boys…or if you have one child – this solves all those dilemmas and allows you to swap for many of the things you need for your children, instead of having to shop for them all.

Swapping will also benefit the children. These items are coming into your home for the first time for that child you got them for – so they will really feel like these things are their own. You will also be able to help your child develop their own sense of style and tailor your choices to their likes – rather than obliging them to use or wear things that they would never select for themselves – simply because they are still in good condition. 

Peace Love Swap has taken this truly useful strategy and turned it into a fun family event where the children can be included --- or they can play with other kids while you search through the swap stuff.

Oh – and, did you get that swapping is about recycling? It’s good for the planet. You keep items out of landfills and extend their use… thus potentially reducing the need to manufacture as many new items (and eliminating the taking of natural resources and pollution caused in said manufacturing of new items)!

So – pass on your gently used items to others who need them….extend their life and help the environment…. save some money and get something new (to you) for free ….. and pass on a cleaner world to your children in the process.  How’s that for a bargain!

Meg and Elle Beyer - her swap organizer / partner, are on a mission to keep gently used baby, kid and maternity items out of our landfills, and to donate to local charities by producing fun, affordable, family  friendly swaps on a regular basis.

Check their website for more information and event listings:


Join us at the PeaceLoveSwap event on June 11th in Arcadia CA

See the calendar listing or event page for more details!


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