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2010 Frugal Fe$tival & Summer Swap

Posted by housepartyswapnshop on May 26, 2010 at 8:42 PM

2010 Frugal Fest & Summer Swap


Swap, Los Angeles, Swap.

( If you want to skip my rambling complaint’s about the lack of big swap events in So Cal and cut to the meat of this post - look down to the part about the 2010 Frugal Fe$t & Swap)


Did you know that there is a busy and thriving swapping community in San Francisco? Northern California in general has a lot more swap activity than we do here in Southern California.

Another big place for swapping --- England.   Lots and lots of swaps, or "swish" events - as they call them. And Canada- lot’s of Canadian swapping going on.

You can also find swaps in Australia, Scotland and  Ireland.

And in the US there are on-going events popping up in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as areas in Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Washington and Oregon.  It’s happening all over the place.

Swapping has been around forever , since the beginning of time. Smaller private groups or community gatherings have brought people together to exchange clothes and cookies - and that’s great.

But I’m talking about big swaps, with a lot of people and a lot of stuff - big selection. Social events with swapping as a big part of the theme, but there may also be other activities. Or - specialized swaps, with on-going events catering to specific groups or styles or activities. Like Plus Sizes or Crafting or Sports Equipment or the Metro sexual Man.  There seems to be a bit more effort around Childrens Swaps - and that’s good. At least there is that. But what about the rest ofus?

There are a few businesses' that have popped up to promote regular on-going swaps , but the *regular* part of it hasn’t been so regular(in So Cal)  I think there is only ONE that’s based in Southern California - Pandora’s Closet Swap Shop, but I don’t know WHEN they last had an event. ( If I am wrong - if there are any other SoCal Based groups or organizations promoting regular swaps in the area PLEASE let me know).


So want happened to all the LA natives living Green? Why don’t they represent?  It seems there should be a much larger swapping community in Southern California, with large reoccurring swap events all over the place - from the Valley to the City to Orange County and beyond.


Enter : the 2010 Frugal Fest & Summer Swap.  This is exciting.

Brief background. Local blogger  gives tips and tricks relating to all things budget friendly in Southern California - and the world.   Bargain Babe hooks us up with the Frugal Fe$tival  last summer , agreat little event celebrating all things budget friendly - including a SWAP. 

The Frugal Fe$t is BACK , bigger and better , and the Bargain Babe has teamed up with the gal’s at The Swapaholics to make this the biggest , bestist swap we’ve seen in this area! This event is family friendly, budget friendly, eco-friendly -and - dare I say, I’ll bet its even hipster friendly! 

This is a low cost , well organized , well publicized , sponsored large swap event. There will be free prizes. There will be other stuff worthy of the spotlight of an event entitled Frugal Fe$tival; and     *hopefully* -- this will become a regular thing. An annual event - at the very least. How cool is that!


The Frugal Fe$tival and Summer Swap is Saturday, June 19th in North Hollywood.

For event details - look at our calendar listing HERE.


For more information about The Frugal Fe$tival - see the website at


For more great tips about squeezing the most out of your budget - visit the Bargain Babe at:


And to get your swap fix - you can try The Swapaholics and their Swap Sheet listings of swaps - everywhere ! at


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