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Introducing: Swap Society

Posted by housepartyswapnshop on June 28, 2013 at 11:45 AM

The Long Beach Free Store Swap Society

Swap Groups & FUN(d) Raising Events


*Targeted Swap Groups and Events arranged around theme /item type / style or size.

*People bring their BEST stuff that they no longer use – and swap with others.

*Party Atmosphere with drinks / snacks & music…

*KNOW you will be swapping with others for stuff that is thesame size or style or type of thing that you like – for quality items of value and of use to you.


Even for people who like to reuse, swap & share –sometimes you have things that you just don’t use –probably won’t use … but you don’t want to just “give” them away, because they are too valuable, expensive, nice or special.

So you hold on to them.

You would rather pass them on to someone who will really appreciate them, who will get good use of them and who understands the value.

You would like to have the opportunity to get something of similar quality and value in exchange for letting go of those special items.

We understand.

LBFS Swap Society Groups will set up on Face Book – anyone can join for free. Groups will be based on theme / style / size or type of item.

Possible groups can include: 

Handbags &Accessories (quality and designer bags, jewelry and other accessories)

Fashion & Designer Clothing (broken out by size)

Vintage / Retro Fashion & Accessories

Men’s Clothing (broken out into size groups and/or styles)

Teen & Jr Fashions and Accessories

Children’s Clothing ,Toys & Items

Alternative Fashions: including cosplay, steampunk , renaissance , club wear, rave wear, Goth & other…

Fitness & Exercise DVD’s , Equipment and Accessories

Music : CDs / Vinyl

Video Games

House Wear –Household Items / Decorations / Candles and more

House Party Rep’s– have you made the rounds through selling various products on the house party model. Been a vendor or seller at fairs and other events… and have the leftover products / overstock / product samples / past season samples and items to prove it? Why not swap your items for items with others in the same boat?

Hand Made / DIY –hand crafted items … crafters and people who make their own items can bring some of their stuff to swap with others who make their own hand-made items.  Non-Crafty fans of Hand Made goods can also participate if they have Hand-Made items they have purchased that they wish to swap.

ART – people who create art can bring in some of their work to swap with others who do the same.

Basically – any suggested group / type of item to swap which has enough interest can be created.


How the Groups work:

Anyone can join for free.

People post photo albums of items they wish to swap with brief descriptions.  Items posted must be your best quality items that you have to swap.

Items posted MUST be brought to the swap – don’t post items you will not bring.

People “Like” the items to vote for them & say that they would like to participate in a swap with those items.

Group members can connect over their shared interests / setup personal swaps or trades / share tips on where they got their best finds or tell others about special sales

No self-promoting posts allowed for commercial sales and promotion of a business or product *Except for Event Sponsors *


How the Swaps work:

When there are at least 5 people who have at least 5 items each to swap who agree on an event date - a swap will be scheduled at the Free Store.

Swappers can bring more items and we can have up to 15 participants at each event.

A Call will go out to those who have posted albums with items to swap – who have received “likes” on their items

Swappers will be required to bring the same items they posted – which will have accurate descriptions of the items and the condition.

*If an item has already been swapped before an event is scheduled or is no longer available the swapper must update their album with a note on the item that is not available –and add a new item they will bring to the swap ( or have a minimum of 5 posted items with descriptions they will bring to the swap).

All Swappers MUST be a member of the Free Store.

Membership is free – and a New Member Orientation will be given right before the swap for anyone who wants to participate who has not signed up yet.

Swappers will set out Swap Items and have a set amount of time to look at (but not take) the items at the swap.

When the swap starts – each swapper will get a turn to select an item – numbers will be drawn to determine the order the swappers will get to take.  The swap circle will continue – with each swapper getting a turn one item at a time… until all their items are selected.

Each swapper will be allowed to take the number of items they brought, less / minus 2  (those extra items will be donated to the Free Store).

The Swapping will go on until everyone has finished selecting their items – and the left over items go to the Free Store.

All swappers will also be able to shop the Free Store during the event.

DONATION – these are Fund Raiser events for the Free Store.–All donations go toward the Free Store and the Catalyst Network of Communities. While the Long Beach Free Store is here to help people share freely, it is not free for us to be here.  Donations go to help us pay the rent, run programming and pay other costs.

Supporting Members attend at half off the donation amount for events that have a suggested donation of $10 or more.  All members will be allowed to upgrade to Supporting Member Status at the time of the event.

With a donation of at least $20 you can receive Supporting Member Status for a full year. 

Volunteer Position: Swap Society Group Leads – we need people to help us run these Swap groups , help organize the events, help promote the groups and events and act as admin on the FB group page.  Group leads get to attend the events for free and they get to take 2 items from the Swap – even if they don’t bring anything to swap. 

( Or the number of items they bring + 2) We must have a Swap Group Lead in place before we add additional groups.

Sponsorship Opportunity : Businesses and Sales Rep’s can Sponsor these Swap Events by making a contribution to the Free Store and providing the drinks and refreshments for an event.  They get recognition on the Group Page, the LB Free Store Page and website and can promote or sell their products at the event.

* If you don’t have Internet access or need help posting photos you can participate by signing up at the Free Store in person. Bring your items to swap in – we can take the photos and post them for you.

Any suggestions or ideas about swap groups or events – giveus a shout.


The FIRST LBFS Swap Society Group launched is "Bags & Bling"

Handbags / Accessories & Jewelry

Start pulling out those items you DON'T use - but you keep holding on to .... because you Like them - but you know you are not going to use them.  Maybe you paid a lot for them. Maybe they were a gift. Maybe you know they are expensive items / of high value / designer... even if you didn't pay a lot for them yourself (got them at a great sale / at another swap - or as a gift). 

Here is a chance for you to HELP a great cause : The Long Beach Free Store

AND let go of those items - free up some space in your place...

while you have an opportunity to pick up something NEW to YOU - that is really nice.

Everyone is encouraged to Bring thier Best (that they don't use)

Vote for the posted items YOU want to swap for.

JOIN THE Long Beach Free Store Swap Society Bags & Bling Group on Facebook NOW!


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